Wide format printing in full colour means you can order print on demand. Competitively priced print can be purchased by one, two or a few and re ordered as frequently as required. Printing direct to media and reel to reel. Print options include white and double white print plus CMYK or bright chrome silver printing onto clear or white media. Printed items can be sequentially numbered or each print personalised with a unique reference and selling point. Wide format finishing will also enhance print offering lamination and profile cutting at any size.

Giving a wide range of specialised print options include soft sell advertising wall paper for both permanent application and short term promotional placement, removable with no adhesive residue remaining consider also Clings for windows and walls for presentations and events.

Billboard print in full colour, standard bill boards are 20′ x 10′ Printing onto blue backed MG poster paper to illuminate show through printed in panels of 60″ x 40″ which are applied to the billboard, similar to wall paper to produce the larger printed picture. Billboards can be produced for just one site or for a nation wide campaign. Bill board printing can be via wide format printing, Screen Printing or Litho Printing. Each print process offering it’s own unique attribute but all offering the same end result, a Billboard.

Billboards can also offer a special build option. Where the billboard can be built with additional cut out printed panels that are affixed with spacers creating a depth to the Billboard depth. Any other type of finishing and fabric can be added for affect.

Billboard hire the sites can be selected for prominence, foot fall or proximity to the location. Campaign length can run from weeks, months or years.

Billboard print in full colour  


   Variable printing consecutive numbers

Variable print is still in it’s infancy and under used, with only the brave using it for print campaigns. Companies like Coca Cola have used it for personalised name printing.

This exciting print opportunity opens new options and makes older print numbering issues easier to deliver. Numbers can be printed at any size in black, white or any colour when incorporated in each artwork together with any changeable text that may be required. Consequential numbering for the whole batch of prints can be achieved and can be continued on the next print run, keeping numbering consecutive.

The overall campaign can remain constant, offering constancy and Corporate Branding, using the variable text and numbering to make each print carry unique data.

This print processes can also be called into play for store print campaigns utilising unique sizing and print messaging to it’s maximum. The campaign can be sized for each window of each location however large or small, they can all carry the same message or a different message breaking with conformity. With multiple store or office locations, prints can be produced with additional information, manager’s face and name, opening times, dates or unique to that location information.

Wide format printing in full colour onto sheets up to 3 M x 2 M print direct to the sheet of material up to 50 mm thickness. Clear sheets can be printed in reverse with the addition of a white print for both selective or all over white printing.  Panels can be printed at finished size or in tile format for the larger print application, cut square or profile cut to almost any shape.  Also available is reel to reel  up to 2.2 M wide x 100M long. This process enables customers to order  just one print at a time or multiples, or the same print image printed onto a vast range of different media in the same order. Art work can be scaled producing the same image in a never ending range of sizes, prints can be printed with sequence numbering. Colour options include, Full colour, CMYK, Pantone match, white and mirror silver. Your print requirements can be met whatever the size.

All print can be cut to any shape at any size using optical allied cutting by just suppling a separate cutting file to path with the artwork, this can be introduced at the production stage ensuring perfect alignment with the print work. This print to cut operation offers perfect cutting accuracy on every print from first to the last. Our studio can assist you with information for this work or a template can be supplied for artwork to be laid up to. Working together helps ensure perfect print to perfect results on every order.

Other cutting options that can be incorporated are kiss cutting for easy peel, making application easy, for thicker sheets a router to CNC cut plastics, acrylics and wood with extreme accuracy.

Fast, competitively priced estimates for high quality print can be produced to your required print specifications emailed with full print and finishing specs direct to you. Order acknowledgement showing your order has been booked in for production, to be proofed and produced for the date the order is required. Our studio offers artwork checking with advice, should this be required. Print matching to Pantone colours if set in the artwork and advised and timed print production to the date print is needed or fast turn around for express printed orders. Print finishing, print packing, collation of printed campaigns into store or destination kits. Dispatched on pallets to one central distribution warehouse or packages can be sent direct to multiple locations throughout the UK or Europe via our distribution partner UPS or you own carrier.