Estate Agents Boards printed direct to Correx or polypropylene fluted display boards of standard UK Government size. As the first point of contact the board should have impact and show all contact details, add a QRCode, show you are open for business, shape up to be different. This is your Brand ……. fly the flag.

For Sale, Sold, To Let and Let By

Estate agents boards, printed to order from your artwork. Print ready files producing  stunning screen printed Branded boards in house Pantone colours. For Sale or To Let Boards of all shapes and sizes, printed to direct onto white Correx fluted display board.

For Sale printed T Board Pin shape
Google Map Pin Shape For Sale T Board
T Board Screen printed by Repro Arts
Red Deer T style Screen printed Estate Agents Board printed by Repro Arts
Screen Printed Estate Agents T Board by Repro Arts
Estate Agents T Board For Sale on each side
Happy Sold Estate Agents T Board printed by Repro Arts
Sold Estate Agents Board T style

Estate Agents Boards printed to orderer with Bespoke Designs

Estate Agents Boards, screen or digitally printed, from one colour to full colour. Standard oblong or special die cut shape to ensure Estate Agents Boards are unique.  Property Board printing of T Boards, Flag Boards, Commercial Boards, Slips and posters for all types.

Full colour property sale boards can be produced printed direct to Correx, Foamex or composite panels of 1220 x 2440 mm for property sales of larger residences, houses of multiple occupancy or Auction sales. Sale boards can have a range of over stickers to update the public with the latest information.

Estate agents boards crowners for anniversaries, events and seasonal greetings. Number, lot number apartment, or flat number crowners or post pin signs make a professional statement to viewers.

Development Boards

Site Boards and Hoarding panels printed direct to Foamex or Dibond composite panels, with gloss laminate to the face for UV protection. Panels can also be laminated with anti graffiti film as an option. A fantastic way to promote a site development. Standard size 8′ x 4′  1220 x 2440 mm larger sizes 3050 x 1500 mm and 3050 x 2050 mm.

Commercial Estate Agents Boards

Printed in any colour including full colour. Printing direct to Correx, Foamex or Dibond composite panels of any size and format. For Sale, Sold, For Auction and viewing information boards printed to order from your own artwork or artwork can be produced. Full colour images and photographs can be printed at any size.

We can also offer promotional development removable office wall covering.

Estate Agents For Sale Board in T Board style printed same copy each side with Sold over slips

Estate Agents Boards Sale Boards Commercial Residential Site Hoarding

Estate Agents Boards in T board style printed same copy each side. Screen Printed property boards.

All formats T Board, Flag Board, residential and commercial boards. Over slips on Correx or self-adhesive vinyl. Printed in one colour to full colour including Pantone colour matching and reflective inks or films for those dark nights .

Accessories posts 2.2 M x 50 mm square, finished in white as standard or any house colour, posts can also be unfinished in natural wood. All posts can be recycled at the end of life. White nylon nuts and bolts for fixing boards to the post or fixing overlay slips to the board. Sold in bulk or in kits. Large load spreading washers in white nylon .

Internal and external signs and signage for managed properties

Printed promotional products

Banners printed to order at any size for open days, auctions and directions.

Estate Agents Board slip fixing nut and bolt
White nylon nut and bolt for Estate agents T and Flag boards.
Nut and bolt for fastening Estate Agents T and Flag Boards to the post
Estate Agents Board nylon nut and bolt post fastening
Bag of 100 M8 Nuts and bolts
Estate Agents Boards Fixings
Load spreading washer for Estate Agents Boards
For Sale Estate Agents Board Screen printed by Repro Arts
House for sale Estate Agents Board Screen printed in two Pantone colours.

Flag Boards printed each side onto 6 mm thick White Correx

Flag boards For Sale printed with the same copy each side, most 
importantly with a margin for a 50 mm post to one edge. Because
this makes full use of the full visible printed area for the Branding
and For Sale message
The image can have as many colours as required, most common being
two or three colour prints. Screen Printed direct onto each side of white
Correx 6 mm thick. The flute direction is of paramount importance for
this product. The boards can be drilled to match the holes in the post.
Holes can also  be drilled to match the holes in the Sold slip to be
affixed each side.

Rules and Regulations for the Display of estate Agents Boards

The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007 governs the display of advertising. The display of estate agents boards is controlled by Class 3 of the regulations which relates to “An advertisement relating to the sale or letting for residential, agricultural, industrial or commercial use or development for such use, of the land or premises on which it is displayed”. The display of Estate Agents Boards has express consent and, generally, does not need permission.

The salient points of the legislation relating to For sale/Sold and To Let/ Let By and other boards advertising the availability of the properties for sale or to let are,

  1. Boards may be displayed only on, or within the curtilage of, the property to which they relate. Boards displayed elsewhere (eg on the highway or attached to street furniture) are unauthorised,
  2. Only one board is permitted per property and the first to be displayed is taken to be the one permitted (i.e.all other boards are unauthorised). However, in cases where a property comprises flats, Regarding Borough Council will allow one board per flat to be displayed provided that each board clearly identifies the relevant flat.
  3. Boards indicating that a property has been sold or let must be removed within 14 days of the date of completion of the sale or the signing of a tenancy agreement.
  4. No advertisement may exceed 0.5 sq.M. (residential ) or 2 sq. M.(commercial)
  5. Maximum projection from a building is 1 M.
  6. Maximum height of the highest part of the advertisement is 4.6 M above ground level or 3.6 M in a Conservation Area.
  7. No advertisement may be illuminated.

Boards which do not comply with the above, including other types of board (e.g. ‘Managed By ‘ boards) and boards displayed on properties that are not currently available for sale or to let, are unauthorised and their display constitutes an immediate criminal offence.

In addition to the above ,in order to limit the harm caused to amenity by the high number of ‘For Sale’ and ‘Sold’ -‘To Let’ and ‘Let By’ boards that have been displayed in various parts of the country the above has been amended in your Borough we advise you to seek advice from the planing department.

Estate Agents and Site boards printed by Repro Arts