Flat panel signs to full illuminated signage, wayfinder and directory signs.

Property 1st Branding and contact information sign

Signs for all the trades, Builders boards to Plumbers panels. Why not advertise while you work. Cost effective Screen printed Correx signs with Branding & contact. 

Signs outdoor business for all the trades, show a professional image while working on site. Using a printed sign emblazoned with Branding and contact information will also advertise your company. This cost effective way of promoting more business. Boards can be placed on site as the survey is carried out, left in place while work is in progress and can be left in place when the contract is completed. This can offer weeks of free advertising on busy streets in your area. The standard size for this type of print is 610 mm x 813 mm ideal size to fit into the back of the van, large enough to shout about your service. 

Sign, panel and post
Private Car Park sign
Private Car Parking, in red text on a white background. Printed onto an
aluminium panel with two channels riveted onto the reverse, for fixing
the panel to the posts.
The posts are 76 mm diameter steel finished in grey. Clips x 4 are supplied
for attaching the panel and posts. The posts are bedded into concrete post mix for stability.

Outdoor Business Sign panels, LED corporate illuminated signs, offshore, hospital and school signs 

Signs Outdoor Business… the most important sign for your business both internal and external use can be produced. 

Outdoor Business Signs of all types, from a flat panel sign to flat cut text and logos. Using all types of media PVC, composite, wood, metal, acrylic and flex face. 

Printing services by Repro Arts

Special Offer Signs, printed direct to print media in full colour and profile cut 1500 mm high x 1000 mm wide.

Conservation area friendly signs and signage

Projecting Hanging Sign
Twin sided hanging, printed with the same copy onto each side. Full colour print, over laminated with gloss film to create a clean high quality finished look and supplied with black, white or colour coded wall brackets, for self installation. Ideal for office entrance or shop identification. Standard sizes and projecting brackets in black for fast turnaround.

This type of panel and ornate furniture is ideal for use in conservation areas, with a large choice of ornate metal brackets in black. The bracket fixings and twin sided swing panel are supplied as a kit. The brackets and sign can be easily fitted by a handy person or a member of the property maintenance team.

Projecting Twin sided hanging street sign with printed graphics

Outdoor signs projecting twin sided street hanging sign. The same copy printed each side of 19 mm Foamex, finished in gloss lamination

Street A Boards

If you operate a business on a busy thoroughfare with heavy footfall this type of street advertising is a must. Header panel at the top for company branding with a poster area for print advertising, the poster site is on both sides and is interchangeable, making it easy to add the next promotion in the reusable space. An A1 area with the poster printed onto white PVC  can be weatherproof and a poster covered with a protective clear PVC sheet adds more cover.

Street furniture is an easy way and convenient way to place advertising on the street and easy to move into the store when the establishment is closed.


Street Signs twin sided with posters

Street Signs with Branding at the top header each side. Poster each side with clear PVC protector over each. .Boaster street sign