Point of Purchase or Point of Sale Printed Campaigns for one store or more.

Screen printed POS

Screen printed point of purchase, Christmas tree advertising free standing point of Sale. White display board 1250 microns thick printed with the same image each side. Printed in Yellow, Green, Black with gloss UV Varnish over all, each side. Die cut to shape two parts in each sheet. Creating two interlocking sections producing one free standing Christmas tree. The same process can be used with any symmetric shape. 

Printed Point of Sale
Screen printed Christmas Trees,
POS Black Friday poster printed by Repro Arts
Black Friday POS Event advertising in print for Retail stores
Point of Purchase or Point Of Sale print campaign for Black Friday. We will show 
more once the print campaign is live, look out for the big offers.

Point of Sale and Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase Dump Bin Header

Point of Purchase for a point of sale campaign. Using a standard dump bin can save costs in a point of sale campaign budget. Dump Bin Header printed in full colour direct to print media can make a standard dump bin stunning, and get customers heading to the dump bin to purchase promoted products. Headers can be printed single or twin sided, die cut to shape with prongs to slot into the dump bin.

Advertising Dump Bin Header

Dump Bin Advertising Header Board

Hanging Printed Store Cards

Holding a Sale, hosting an event. From Sale to Christmas and all the events inbetween. Our facilities offer fast turnaround of printed Point of Sale and Point of Purchase on time for all events.

Advertising posters, show cards with lock rudder struts, window posters, window clings, hanging cards printed each side are just a few of the items produced in print.

In store Hanging Card full colour twin sided

Point of Purchase twin sided printed hanging card.

Twin sided hanging card, for ceiling with wire hanging POS fittings. Printed same copy each side on 2000 micron display board, cut & drilled.

Point of Purchase Showcard strutted display

The ultimate Point of Purchase item, A4 face printed negative and positive format showcard. Free standing strutted showcard. A lock rudder strut affixed to the reverse and a clear acrylic business card holder affixed to the face. The cards are placed on the counter near the payment point,enabling guests to take an Olive Garden business card when settling the bill. A reminder to book again increasing revisits for the price of a business card. Easy solutions offer the best returns.

Point of Purchase show card

Show card with lock rudder strut, face printed.

Point of Purchase In store Promotional Print that sells

In store printed promotions sell more. Twin sided hanging cards printed with the same copy or different copy each side. Point of Sale can also come die cut as part of the campaign pack.

Seasonal Point of Purchase, printed onto an array of media in full colour. One or twin sided, printed at any size for multiple application in store or external use. Whatever the event print will boost sales. Correx seasonal messages printed for Foundry Plant Centre

Point of Purchase Full colour printed direct to Correx print media

Seasonal Point of Purchase, printed direct to Correx. Ideal for plant centres, Garden centres or outdoor use.