Printing direct to sheet print media in sheets of up to 3050 mm x 2050 mm. From A and Imperial size panels to 48 and 98 sheet billboards. Bespoke size panels and shapes.

Printing Direct to print media Large size prints

Seasonal Print Direct to Media

When you are looking for that Christmas present with a lasting effect. A ticket for an Event or Show in the new year is an ideal gift. This pre booking offer is worth shouting about. Large Correx Signs have been printed in full colour as part of a Cross-media campaign. You can forward book all the Best Shows and Events for the upcoming year. 

Christmas Stocking filler Correx Sign

Seasonal Correx Sign offers tickets to show

Election Boards printed to order

As the UK Election hots up the boards go up. Printed Correx panel promoting all the political parties appear on streets in every town, city and village across the country. Repro Arts stock Correx sheets up to 2440 mm x 1220 mm and all the colours to print any party’s Election Boards. Offering a fast turnaround to meet the tightest deadlines. 

Waveney Liberal Democrats did just that with an order of Correx boards 

Election Boards fast turnaround

Election Correx Boards printed for any party

Large Foamex panels direct to print media printing in full colour. 3 M x 2 M Foamex panels or tiling for larger images.

Horse Sign winners of the greatest Horse racing event

3M high x 2 M wide wide format print.


Print Direct to Media with confidence

Repro Arts can print direct to media any size, print files need to be print ready with images in Vector files that enlarge to any size required. This will avoid any disappointment with the finished print. this chart will help when producing artwork for print. Our studio can advise if you have an issue. Print Direct to Media with confidence, making sure the end result is a print success at any size. 

Branded signage

The Painted Barn contracted Repro Arts to produce Branded signage for the complex. The Branding is printed direct to Foamex sheet, over laminated with gloss lamination for UV protection. Each sign is framed and installed with mirror plates to the woodwork of the barns.

Branded image runs across the complex, identifying each building and the use, while still retaining the Branding across Cafe, shop,studio, and leisure facilities.

How Big can I print chart
Chart showing how to work out type hight for printing and signs

Textile cutting template printed 

Printed cutting template 4.1 M long
Printed cutting template table tape

Under surface print direct to media speeds up cutting. Printed guide lines printed to the table top gives cutters the guide they need. Helping the cutters with a visual line with no need for set up of templates when the design changes.

Under surface print in red and black backed with a white print, direct onto clear polycarbonate sheet. The table top printed on 5 mm thick 4100 mm long x 1410 mm wide. The printed lines are used as cutting templates for cutting textile, with the clear polycarbonate protecting the print from wear. Polycarbonate has been used for the heat properties when ironing the textile. Other tables of smaller size were also produced for the same purpose.

Printed fabric table top
Printed cutting table top

Wedding Table Plan printed direct to 5 mm MDF in White ink

This Wedding table planner is part of the overall Manilla colour way 
matching other components used on the day. 
The A1 board was designed this way using MDF because it has a natural 
feel.  Most importantly the white ink prints direct to the MDF offering
maximum visibility besides that the surface offers two sides to print onto.
Therefore the designer was able to use both sides of the MDF. Creating a 
table plan on one side, that once used could be turned over. Exposing the 
time table of events for the Wedding.
Including the very popular Wedding Photo Booth.

Wedding table plan twin sided board A1 printed by Repro Arts
Wedding table plan printed in white onto 5 mm thick MDF board.
Wedding Event Board printed with white ink by Repro Arts
White image printed direct to MDF

Large Format Printing direct to print media in full colour

Wide format printing direct to print media in CMYK (Cyan,Magenta, Yellow and Black ) full colour images can be printed direct to an array of print material in sheet sizes up to 3M x 2M. Printing onto clear media can also be achieved with the addition of a white printer which can be an all over white if the full colour is printed in reverse and viewed through the print media.

Another option is to print full colour in reverse and print selective white behind the full colour, leaving unprinted areas clear. Print twinsided onto opaque print media or onto clear print media. For opaque print the printed image is printed onto each side of the media or a different image is printed each side. For clear print the first image is printed in reverse over printed with white and the second image printed right reading.

Blades of grass printed onto Foamex
Full colour printed image direct to media Foamex 5 mm PVC 3M x 1.5M printed exhibition panel. Part of a graphic wall in print.


A light box graphic or Duratrans as they are sometimes called will really bring attention to your display. Printed direct to print media, film or Opal perspex acrylic in 3 or 5 mm for light box displays. Prints are produced surface printed in light box mode giving a constant concentration of colour to be illuminated with LED lights.

Printing direct to print Media.. Giant size exhibition panel

Exhibition panel printed direct to media, 5 mm thick, 3m x 2m white Foamex.  The print area includes printed optical alignment dots for accurate inline cutting so each panel fits into the retaining channel of the exhibition hardware. Each panel is covered with a Matt lamination film to protect the print and reduce light glare once installed. This is one of four panels that are positioned side by side to form a graphic wall 12M x 2M high. The full colour printed graphic wall offers product promotion, visual impact and advertising the customers branding, inviting visitors to view products and showing company expertise in product development. 

Printing direct to print media sheets
From print ready file, printing full colour direct to media. Media 5mm thick Foamex PVC sheet. Exhibition display panel 3M x 1.5M Sheet feed printing wide format.

Using both screen print and wide format enables print direct to media in large and small format. This option creates print solutions for most requirements from paper to glass.

Composite panel printed sign

ABC Diesels sign
ABC Diesels Dibond panel printed direct.

Composite branded as Dilite, A-lite, Reynobond and Dibond can be printed in full colour direct to the sheet. These products have a good external life and can be CNC cut to shape adding a further dimension.

Full colour plus white print direct to media CMYK – White – CMYK. Also mirror chrome option:

Oxford landmark printed direct to print media
Oxford iconic image printed direct to print media.