External signage, printed direct to the face or AMC Dibond composite sheet. Over laminated with gloss laminate and cut to shape.

Signs each side of the famous Tattersalls Auction clock
Signs by the Tattersalls Auction clock Newmarket Suffolk.

Signage installed at the famous auction ring at Tattersalls Newmarket. The signs feature previous horses sold at the sale ring who have gone on to win major racing event. The handed signs fit each side of the Tattersalls clock above the Branded auctioneers rostrum over looking the indoor sales ring.

Signs and Signage Conservation area sign replacement project

Signs for Swaffham Conservative Club is based in a town centre conservation area. Signs and signage were outdated, with dilapidated signs that needed rebranding with a modern image with a younger feel. Faced with the task of updating and renewing the estates manager approached Repro Arts with view to upgrading the signs, projects of this type need expert attention and product and conservation knowledge.

The new branding needed to conform to the Conservative Club tradition, communicating Conservative news updates and also appealing to the younger generation who meet @theConni, the new branding was designed with that in mind. A new Perspex Acrylic illuminated sign was produced the face is printed in the blue Conservative colour in light box mode onto an Opal acrylic face panel, the slimline box holding energy saving LED lights illuminate the sign. The projecting sign frame was retained and the panels replaced with new Dibond composite panels, printed with the same copy each side. The wooden wall mounted information frames had become rotten and have been replaced with modern blue powder coated aluminium, lockable information cases. Each case is branded internally with a printed header PVC panel. The back board is covered with blue fabric, notes and notices can be pinned in place.

New A boards were branded at the top with the lower area on each side left as a chalk board for the daily offers and functions.

Twin sided sign and locking information case

Twin sided projecting sign in conservation area.


Pub A frame sign twin sided chalk board

Pub signs A board with chalk area for Deal of the Day.


Conservative Club LED illuminated sign

Opal Perspex Acrylic printed in light box mode to face of LED illuminated sign.

Signs and signage to Start up business or a POP up Shop

Signs and signage for start up companies, design, artwork, printing and installation all under one roof. If you are in the business of creating a start up business and need signage to get started …………      ……….. contact us now 

Our sales team can talk to you offering advice and give you the benefit of years of experience and knowledge. Our studio can produce bright new vibrant images for your company, club or organisation. We are sure of your approval. AcrylicFoamex or Dibond can be printed in full colour at any size. For a fascia, Any trade Retail unit or POP up shop needs to be well defined. 

Signs and signage for start up or Small business or POP up shops

Design, artwork, print and installation all under one roof. Fast turn around of vibrant designs which will stand out in the street. Retail and Industrial signs and displays.

High Quality Branding Signs

Any business will owner will know the importance of gaining new business. One of the easy ways to do this is to be visible with bright modern, well designed signage.Norton Peskett Solicitors, Great Yarmouth have done just that. The building has a prominent position on the A47 main road into the town centre and the plan when designing the signage was to enforce branding while making the office a landmark site in the town centre.

This was achieved with an enhancement of the logo to the left and simple text stating the company name, allowing the latest technology to play it’s part, digitally cutting chrome faced composite logo and text. Once in place the text is illuminated with bright white LED lighting from the reverse, the panel of the fascia sign is in a dark grey helping the light spread in the dark. As the office is a corner plot the fascia continues along two elevations making it a landmark site, with branded signage of Norton Peskett Solicitors visible day or night.

Fascia signage with bright white LED illumination, be seen at night

Fascia sign chrome text back lit with bright white LED on a matt grey sign panel. Illuminated LED logo and text fascia signage

Church Noticeboards 2


Church Notice Boards, wood construction with posts and frame. The body of the Church Notice Board is reverse printed in full colour plus white onto clear Perspex acrylic sheet, cut to shape to fit the aperture shape. The stunning blue finish throughout stands out in any environment. The addition of an A3 clip frame will allow Church meetings and community affairs to be posted with ease. Bespoke woodwork and printing come together creating a high quality Church Notice Board.


Signs can now offer many messages. This sign is a set of built up individual letters mounted onto a back panel, manufactured from composite aluminium sheets that are cut and shaped to each letters shape and style. Colour changing energy saving LED lighting offers an ever changing flow of coloured light, creating a sign promoting an attraction with impact. Signage technology using new materials and illumination creating visual impact. Take a look at Joyland Children’s Fun Park on Great Yarmouth Seafront.

Signs, built up letters with changing LED illumination

Signs, Illuminated Joyland entrance sign changing LED colour lighting


LED Signs with built in LED lights illuminated colour changing letter sign

Signs, Illuminated Joyland entrance sign made of separate letters spelling out the attraction name in LED lights


Sign LED illuminated with colour change

Signs, Illuminated Joyland entrance sign


Sign with mirror gold text

Mirror Gold text panel signs

Signs produced on composite panel. Brown background with mirror gold text.

Composite panel printed direct to media in full colour, over laminated with Matt film and cut to size. Gold mirror text applied to the face and installed by our team.

Sign with built up acrylic lettering and LED lighting.

Sign building at Great Yarmouth leading attraction Joyland

Signs with built up lettering ready for LED lighting to be installed

Joyland Great Yarmouth is an iconic family fun park. Upgraded signage using built up acrylic letters, contains LED lights that change colour sequence which changes the look and attracts attention, increasing visitors.

Illuminated printed sign & bright gold text

Sign box illuminated entrance information graphics

Sign at hotel entrance, opal perspex acrylic panel with mirror gold text. Illuminated wall mounted box sign.

Illuminated signs are made to order in the size requirements and illuminated with the latest UV technology to suite the location. Copy for the face can be printed in full colour. Produced in acrylic or self coloured opaque or translucent self-adhesive vinyl.

Site Boards, signs and signage

Every business needs more customers and a great way to gain extra business is use a site board. Whatever the trade carry a stack of site boards in the van to install on site as soon as the order is placed, they are light weight, easy to install, promotes business, increases sales, boosts branding and makes it easy for new contacts to make contact by phone, text or email. Order from one to thousands.

Trade signs printed in full colour onto white Correx

Signs advertising trade installation printed in full colour onto Correx

General Information

Many types of signs can be produced, business facia, promotional and vehicle signs, produced using many types of material, composite Dibond, Acrylic, Correx and Foamex PVC. can be produced with aluminium frames, illuminated or non illuminated. Produced and installed or for self installation and best of all can be produced to fit any size budget.

External signs for industrial unit

External signs and signage, composite panels with sign frame. Composite panel printed in full colour over laminated with gloss film.

Wall mounted Perspex acrylic, affords stunning branding opportunities. Reverse printed so the print is protected by the clear Perspex Acrylic. The print is CMYK full colour backed with white offering density of colour, it is cut to shape with radius corners, with holes for standoff fittings, a choice of finishes and a large range of sizes to match the area decoration. The standoff wall fixings are very smart and easy to use when installing.

Signage, stand off Perspex acrylic printed wall panel signs.

Signage reverse full colour printed clear Perspex acrylic sheet. Acrylic cut to shape with rounded corners and holes for fittings. Fitting in bright chrome standing 20 mm off the wall when installed.

Door Hanger
Hotel door information hanger. Printed “Do Not Disturb”, message one side and “Make up Room” the other side. Printed onto 1.5 HIPS, to be robust and used time and time again. Low volume personalised print run, printed full colour on each side, die cut to shape.

Door hanger sign twin sided printed and cut to shape

Signage, White HIPS white 1.5 mm thick. Printed full colour onto each side, with copy change each side and cut to shape.


Laboratory Safety notice, under surface print in full colour backed with white print. Printed onto the reverse side of 5 mm thick clear Perspex Acrylic sheet. Cut to size with holes for standoff fittings in bright chrome or Matt brushed chrome or Brass. A5 wall mounted easy to install and supplied with a paper template to assist the installation.

Safety signs reverse printed Perspex acrylic with stand off fixings

Clear Acrylic signs, 5 mm thick reverse printed full colour backed with white. Cut to size with holes drilled for bright chrome stand off fittings.