Tool Storage overlay systems Branded dealer silhouette tool board.

Tool Storage Systems

Tool Storage Systems with company branding. Tool boards in branded colours, printed overlays, tool clips to hold tools. Tool Systems for a complete Dealership Branding.

Steel tool board, perforated and coloured to match a corporate colour.
Printed tool board self adhesive overlay, showing tool silhouette, tool numbers, clip position and corporate branding.
Collated set of tool clips for hanging tools.

Tool Storage Systems. Lotus cars Dealer

Tool Storage Systems. Lotus cars Dealer tool service kit storage.

Tool Board Storage Information

The Toolboard Kit

The Kit comprises of the following:-

One metal Toolboard, pelmet and sideguards. Three self-adhesive overlays to cover the back board. Two self-adhesive markings for the pelmet. One set of Fixing hooks together with washers and screws. The Overlays can be collated with application leaflet into postal tubes for ease of delivery.

The Fabricated Steel Tool-board

Made of tubular steel frame work and perforated steel welded over the frame work, with a steel pelmet that bolts on to the top of the back board and sideguards that in turn bolt to both the pelmet and the back board.

The Dimensions

Overall measurements of the backboard are 2 meters long and 1 meter deep with pelmet 2 meters long, 120mm deep by 12omm protruding out from the back board to allow for fluorescent light fitting if required.

Self-Adhesive Overlays

The Overlays would be designed from tools supplied by your Company. The Layout produced as required, normally either being a set of special service tools or laid out as a common tool kit of e.g. engine, transmission and power steering sections. The Toolboard Overlays come in three parts and are marked so as to apply from left to right. The Overlays are printed with the following information. Silhouettes of Tools supplied, Tool Nos. and further information if required. Also shown is the Fixing hook number and the position it should be fixed at to hang the tool. Markings for the pelmet are also supplied showing the Company Logo and heading of the Tool kit covered by the Overlays.

The Silhouette too, board looks impressive as a wall fixing. The layout is most striking, with potential advertising space on the pelmet at the top if required. Colourful backgrounds help to keep in line with Company merchandising. Presentation plays a key role in the impressive looks of the tool board and also helps keep up the Company image.

Fits On To Unused Wall Space

Fitting the Toolboard is no problem, for this is not a bulky free-standing tool trolley, but a handy wall fixing that will easily fit onto any unused wall pace and will become a practical piece of equipment.

Improves Efficiency

Tools should be replaced after use, and can be easily noted if they are not. This will result in more production with less time looking for missing tools.

Easy To Replace When Outdated

When the tool board is out of date, the metal tool board can be retained. All that is required is a new set of Overlays, to supercede the old Overlays

Small Alternations

Small alterations can be easily added provided there is space on the tool board to do so. A smaller Overlay and additional Fixing hooks can be supplied so that the tool, fixing hook and additional Overlay can be despatched at the same time.