Ideal print process for larger qualities, offers longevity of ink colour. Printing direct to print media with a large range of specialist inks offering longevity of the finished print.

Corporate Branding Self Adhesive Stickers

A Branding project taken to the fields, when Protek launched their new Scatterbird bird scaring product it needed a distinctive Branding. Protek  contacted Mono Studio a company they new could deliver Branding with a punch. Having worked with Mono Studio for a number of years, the confidence they would hit the target. They did just that with an exelaint  result of Scatterbird Branding in striking orange and blue with a solid black background. The design is also ideal for screen printing the large quantity required for this print project, using Pantone colours to match the corporate Branding brief. Screen printed onto white Avery self adhesive PVC vinyl. This product is weather proof, durable with a permanent adhesive that adheres to the barrel of the gun.  Another print solution by Repro Arts.

Specialist Twinsided Tags for Offshore use

To keep ahead and offer you the best screen printing results, ensuring our printers are using the latest films, inks and print media. We keep up to date with information from Specialist Printing Worldwide. Using UV inks reducing the use of solvents and reducing the energy used to dry this ink.

Screen printed Synthetic paper twin sided tie on tags
Screen printed onto each side with a copy change. Synthetic paper for offshore use.

Making light work of Heavy Lifting

Our range of safety flags with black printed on to Orange Priplak. The print is then die cut to shape with holes for the cable ties.

HSE for all your safety information

Work safe Heavy lifting pennant use onshore or offhore

Offshore and onshore Heavy lifting pennant printed and die cut

Screen Printing Metallic colour

Screen printed metallic gold ink backing reverse image

Metallic screen inks 

Screen printing’s range of  metallic inks offer a rich quality look when printed. Unrivalled by any other print process. The ink range offers Gold, Silver, Bronze with an extended range of colour matches. This example has been printed over reverse printed text on clear adhesive free window film, correct reading from outside.

Sticker die cut to shape The National Federation of Fishmongers
Sticker Screen printed for. The National Federation of Fishmongers

The National Federation of Fishmongers members logo Decal screen printing in one Pantone colour blue direct to white self adhesive and then die cut to shape. Membership Logo supplied with peel tab for easy removal and self application by members, so simple to apply. Members decals can be applied to any flat surface and are forward facing. Ideal for application to windows, fridges or counters. Self Adhesive can be used for many applications.

Roadside Event Advertising Boards

Screen printed road side board, Christmas Craft Fair
Christmas Craft Fair at Stonham Barns
Printing, yellow and black onto White Correx roadside advertising signs, 
placed by the roadside and read by thousands each day. Not bad for free
advertising. Like a stand or just like to visit Stonham Barns for the fair.

Printing sheet fed direct to media in UV and Solvent ink

Twin sided tie on labels

Printing single colour, red tags onto Polyart synthetic paper. Each side printed with a copy change, warning one side, Calor gas Branding on the other. Tags  are then trimmed to size and drilled with a hole in one corner for fixing. Printing fifteen to view on each side of the sheet, ready to guillotine in stacks of 100. 

twin sided tags screen printed by Repro Arts
Twin sided Polart tags, printed red on both sides differant copy. Trimed to size with a hole drilled one corner.

Versatile printing process

Printing direct to media producing special effects with inks to enhance endless finishes. Printing metallic, fluorescent, opaque, glitter and UV finishes. Looking for a different print finish look.

The evening bags in metallic gold are printed with a matt black ink, the white bags have an opaque black printed ink, both creating an evening bag with a striking design.

Screen printing onto a large range of materials
Screen printing image printed direct to leather. Cambridge Satchels Store Cambridge City.
Screen Printed Ines stripes onto Cambridge Satchels handbag
Screen printed Ines stripes. Printed onto Cambridge Satchels handbag .

Ines bag by Cambridge Satchels.

Printing direct to ready made document wallets

Ready made document wallets from the shelf of a stationary store are used daily in offices across the world. This simple clear document wallet can be transformed to become part of a company’s corporate identity by printing a one colour logo direct onto the clear document wallet will transform it from just a wallet to a Branded presentation wallet, carrying a printed logo in any colour. Any documents placed in the Branded wallet will  be identified by the company logo, aiding presentation value when they arrive on a clients desk. Fast turn around of this printed product means it is ideal for exhibitions and promotional events as well as everyday use.

Screen printed clear plastic printed wallets
Screen printing black text onto clear wallets. Branding of blue chip company logo

Scratch card overprinting for Litho sheets

Cash in on Scratch cards, printing latex rub removable ink onto full colour printing. Silver is the most common colour for rub removable ink printed onto scratch cards. Other ink colours are also available, Gold and Bronze if the print needs to stand out and look different from other scratch cards. Another option is to over print the rub removable ink with another printed message. All types of stock can be printed, from paper to thick cardboard. Cards can be cut square or die cut to shape, either way it’s a winner.

Lithograph printers will be interested in rub remove ink coating for scratch cards.

Screen printed rub removable ink
Litho printed twin sided scratch card, over printed with silver rub removable ink

Repro Arts can provide printed UV Varnish in a range of finishes, ideal for all Litho, digital and wide format printed invitations.  Gloss, Matt, Satin or coloured varnish are just a few of the options that can be printed onto one or both sides. Built up varnish is another exciting option as this  leaves a very heavy deposit on ink producing a raised effect.

Any sheet size can be printed up to oversize 60″ x 40″  1500 mm x 1000 mm onto any thickness of stock resulting in a stunning enhancement of the print whether full coverage, spot or a pattern. Build up varnish will add a raised effect to text or pictures creating a contour effect on the print or direct sheet.D

Spot UV Varnish Screen printed
Enhance invites by over printing with spot UV Varnish.

Commercial print offers a solution to both retail and industry. With tried and tested ink system for longevity, adhesion of ink to substrate and offering a standard range of ink colours including Pantone colour matches. Additional colours are also available as are fluorescent and metallic finishes including special finishes, high gloss UV Varnish, Matt,  colour and built up Varnish. 

Superdry fluorescent pink strutted free standing Show card

Screen printed fluorescent Superdry show card
Screen printed fluorescent pink Superdry show card

Screen printed Point of Sale an ideal media for producing long runs in special colours and effects or standard colour ways. Colours can be standard ink manufacturers colours, Pantone match, CMYK, metallic, fluorescent, rub remove, UV Varnish in gloss, Matt, built up or coloured.

Offering sizes up to 1600 mm x 1200 mm prints can be made onto almost any sheet substrate from paper, leather to stainless steel.

Screen printing services can be finished, for example, guillotined, die cut to any shape, drilled for hanging, creased, folded and even heat bent. PVC or Perspex acrylic can be shaped and assembled to any of your requirements.

Show cards can be printed at any size up to 1220 mm x 2440 mm onto white display board in a range of different thickness up to 2000 microns 2 mm. The show cards are then trimmed to size and hand finished with the application of a suitable sized lock rudder or batwing strut affixed to the reverse, creating a free standing show card.

Cambridge Satchel Company

As a fashion icon The Cambridge Satchel Company lead with stylish bags and computer carrying cases with the company Branding.
Repro Arts are pleased to work with the The Cambridge Satchel Company, working on research and development of printing onto hides to create next seasons fashion items.
From colour test prints using specialist sinks which are printed direct to the coloured hide creating special effects with many types of colour and finishes.
Here are some examples of the fashion classics printed for The Cambridge Satchel Company.
Screen printing ….a versatile process printing direct to media with special ink effects.

Screen printed Cambridge University colour ways satchel
Cambridge Satchel screen printed Cambridge University colourways

London fashion Cambridge Satchels

Screen printed random star design satchel
Screen printed Cambridge Satchel random star design
Screen printed Cambridge Satchel Blue stripe design
Screen printed Cambridge Satchel Navy Blue stripe design
Screen printed Cambridge Satchel Royal Blue stripe design .
Screen printed Cambridge Satchel Royal Blue stripe design . Printing direct to leather.

Printing onto all types of materials up to a sheet size of 1600 mm x  1200 mm. Sheet fed 3/4 automatic single colour pass printing. For fast efficient delivery of multiple sheet print orders and printing several colour by single pass, using both UV and solvent ink for high ink adhesion. Printing all types of ink finishes onto a large range of media acrylic, board, Correx, Display board, e flute are just a few. Our display printing and in house print finishing is creative and produces all types of Point of Sale. Screen printing is an ideal print process for printing all types of advertising material for  retail and industrial projects. Use our screen printing expertise and print knowledge to your advantage and receive the best screen printed products  Personal and professional attention, from artwork to fast turn around and high quality screen printing services and materials

Estate Agents Boards

Screen Printing services the ideal printing mida for Estate Agents Boards. Offers longverty of colours extending the board life. Screen Printing London, Birmingham, Manchester Nation wide dispatch.

Estate Agents and Site boards printed by Repro Arts
For Sale printed Estate Agents signs